For more than 30 years ago, two young men, one of Salamanca and Madrid opened another establishment serving sandwiches and sandwiches in a place where there was an ice cream parlor. Gradually, the space was converted and went on to serve grilled fish, rice and all kinds of seafood. The quality of the food has always been the basis of The kitchen Tisane, but also comfort has been essential, so the restaurant has undergone a major renovation inside and outside. Over time, tisane has been sung enclave of Havana, verbena, solidarity campaigns etc. As it has also been the venue for many actors, politicians, athletes elite and other world-renowned chefs. Recently he was awarded the Golden Chestnut for its quality and experience..

Our standards

We maintain impeccable restaurant

Because food prevails, tranquility, cleanliness and hygiene is extremely important. In addition, the kitchen is open, so it generates all the necessary confidence to customers.

Family atmosphere

The atmosphere that permeates the restaurant is very familiar, what customers like and do that repeatedly.


The products are always fresh cooking

Whether meat, fish, seafood, fruit and produce are of top quality. The meat is completely fresh, and fish comes to the restaurant from the market.

100% 100 Mediterranean Kitchen

Private recipes, own sauces and the personalization of Chef Jose Antonio Santos make La Tisana an exquisite restaurant with products of proximity and of the best quality.